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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Al Qaeda's Air Wing

We’ve come full circle in our war against Al Qaeda with the debacle in Libya. Our Armed Forces are defending and acting as the air wing for Libyan rebels who as this article points out have elements of Al Qaeda fighters back from their stint killing our troops in Iraq. This comes from terrorist leader/Libyan Rebel Abdel-Hakim al Hasidi’s interview with an Italian newspaper Terrorist. The intervention on behalf of our sworn enemies we have been fighting over a decade is without doubt the dumbest excursion forced on our nation’s military since Bill Clinton hyped us into an air war in the Balkans to get his Lewinski tryst out of the headlines. Clinton claimed we’d be out of there by Christmas in the same year. He also claimed solidarity with the poor, downtrodden Albanians who are recruited regularly by Al Qaeda as their light skinned wing of terrorist infiltrators. We’re still there.

Now, we’re being told it’s just a matter of days before we step back from Libya. That we are there at all, defending our enemies, with military assets paid for by American taxpayers with kids still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan is the absolute height of absurdity. If nothing else comes out of this morass, I hope we can at least find out the name of whoever pulled the strings that launched us into it. I have no doubt the jackass responsible for it made a compelling case of absolute crap in selling this project and should be given a trial in front of a military tribunal. It is still the actual definition of treason to lend aid and comfort to the enemy. That’s exactly what is being done in Libya.


Charles Gramlich said...

As I mentioned on facebook, seems like every president lately, Democrat or Republican, has to bomb someone we have no business bombing.

BernardL said...

I think Bin Laden masterminding and bankrolling 9/11 while hiding away in Afghanistan gave us plenty of reason to bomb him, Charles. I'm not like these folks who think he's lying around in a cave somewhere sending out messages. I think they got him a long time ago. You can believe what you want about Iraq.

Launching an attack on the side of the very Al Qaeda fighters we've been waring against for over a decade is insanity. I don't think President Obama wanted anything to do with Libya and I'm wondering who the hell it was that sold him on doing it.