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Monday, March 14, 2011

American Compassion

Yes, I know world events critical to America’s future appear destined to continue unabated in coming days, weeks, and months. I’ve grown sick of hearing how we should be racing into Libya like a Tsunami, ready to battle for the stricken rebels trying to oust Gaddafi. Lest we forget, both sides hate our guts. Forget about the idiotic media trying to paint these Islamist butchers in the anti-Gaddafi rebellion like Minutemen in our revolution. Forget the idiotic media’s paintbrush stroking all of Gaddafi’s side as Islamist butchers intent on genocide. They’re all Islamist butchers who if they had a way of doing it would be here in the USA slitting our throats. If the rebels who have already gained Al Qaeda’s blessing were to win tomorrow, their chants would turn instantly within days from ‘death to Gaddafi’ into ‘death to America’ with that now familiar ululating wail from burka draped women and AK47 brandishing fanatics. That they are busily killing each other along with innocents on both sides is somehow our fault? I think not. The proven nature of Islamist culture sending out women and children suicide bombers while in off hours using them as human shields makes me a bit cynical when contemplating there being any good outcome for us. Compassion is an admirable trait. Here’s a parable of the Libya situation. Two rabid dogs representing the Rebels and Gaddafi’s forces rip at each other’s throat while a man bound hand and foot watches. The USA is that man in my parable. Whatever side wins will turn on him in an instant. What would logically be the man’s course should he break free? It’s obvious. Run away, find shelter, lock and load, be ready to defend against the winner.

Compassion not wasted on Islamist nutbags in Libya is hard at work off the coast of Japan. The USS Ronald Regan with its contingent of ships, employing all decks for around the clock rescue and aid flights, provide water, food, and medical aid to our allies. When the Japanese eventually overcome this monumental disaster they will not turn on us like mad dogs nor demonstrate in their streets shouting ‘death to America’. Compassion for civilized societies in turmoil with actual working democracies represents everything the United States is the greatest nation on earth at demonstrating in reality. May God help the Japanese people and the so called ‘evil’ forces of the United States military battling a natural disaster with bravery and dedication to the real meaning of compassion.

We have pumped enough extortion money payoffs to the Palestinians to make every one of them a millionaire. Yet what did we get in return? Burka draped women and AK47 brandishing fanatics howling in glee whenever disaster strikes America. Where did all the extortion money go? It went into Swiss bank accounts and Riviera villas for America hating jackals like former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat. Whatever funds were left over went into arms and ammunition to kill Americans and their allies. What political solution did we achieve? Nothing! I have noticed one proven axiom in Middle Eastern conflicts where we have acted in our own defense or for our economic survival – the citizens of those nations are always pissed off when we arrive, pissed off during our stay, and royally pissed off when we leave them to deal with their own murderous fellow fanatical citizens. The worst enemy threat to Arabs and former Persians is usually standing right next to them howling ‘Death to America’ in perfect harmony.


Charles Gramlich said...

I don't know enough about the Libyan civil war to understand the sides. that's why I've not spoken out one way or the other. I'm glad that people are helping in Japan and so sorry that the disaster happened

BernardL said...

The main thing I understand about the Libyan civil war is both sides have a visceral hatred for America. Case closed. When it is claimed President Obama fiddles while Libya burns I have a hard time arguing with him continuing to keep America on the sideline. When people claim we should do something I immediately wonder why and for whom? When America's fanatical enemies take time out of their terrorist agendas hell bent on our destruction to rip each other apart I like the idea of getting out of their way.

I agree with you completely on Japan's tragic disaster, Charles. It has worldwide consequences.