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Friday, March 18, 2011

We Can Handle The Truth

What bothers me about the inaction of the White House in dealing with Libya lies in the fact they don’t come out and say what most Americans suspect – there ain’t no good guys there. As this article details Libyan Islamists, the Northeastern part of Libya furnished the most number of foreign fighters in Iraq second only to Saudi Arabia. Gaddafi stopped backing attacks on us infidels and halted his nuke ambitions, reestablishing diplomatic relations with the United States. I have no idea how bad he is to his own people, but I know once the Islamist rebels take over there will not be any pie-in-the-sky democracy, nor better treatment for the common people. They will be placed under Taliban style Sharia law complete with subjugation of women and all the other party favors of Islamists like honor killings, death sentences for Gays, female genital mutilation, and of course the exportation of terrorism against us. Under Gaddafi it may be the same thing but he’s not exporting terrorism and he does keep the oil flowing. That is our interest and the main reason President Obama doesn’t come out hyping no fly zones and bombings in support of the rebels like those nitwits in France and the UK. China, Germany, and Russia don’t want any part of it either. President Obama’s seeing the reports just like this article. I wish President Obama would just come out and say –

‘Hey, look folks. I don’t want us mixed up in another Middle Eastern hellhole where we can only come out the loser without any national interest other than backing one set of fanatics against another set of fanatics. I have reports from advisors we will be in a worse position with the rebels than we were with Gaddafi. Let’s sit this one out.’

I think he’s making a mistake not coming out and saying it. We can handle the truth.

As to that corrupt bunch of idiots in the UN, I don’t care what they authorize. Two-bit third world despots thinking they can use the United States military for their own pro-Islamist doctrine makes my barf reflex kick in. As Germany points out - this Libyan civil war could go on for a very long time with no actual goal except replacing one dictator not exporting terrorism with another dictator who will be exporting terrorism and probably reviving Libya’s nuke plans. Let’s step up for Japan’s world threatening tragedy and step away from the Libyan cesspool.

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