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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Contrails In The Wind

Those Crazies of Climate are at it again. This time it’s contrails from jet airliners Climate Con-Contrails. Yep, it’s global warming again. The contrails hold in heat and prevent solar heat so the whacky lab coated charlatans can cover both effects. They’re wising up after predicting snow would be a thing of the past. With jet airliner contrails both causing global warming and blocking warming from the sun it will be perfectly okay to claim the contrails will soon cause hot August nights in Atlanta, Georgia and icy cold January days in Montana – and of course we’ll be paying for the study. The results of this idiotic study as the article points out will be we’ll have to cut back… or in climate extortionist lingo - we’ll have to add an environmental contrail tax to every airline flight. Although the environmental contrail tax will have no purpose other than steal our money while having no effect on climate the unintended consequences to the airline industry and our daily lives will definitely be measureable.

Please forgive this final tirade but it is painful to watch the death of both common sense and logic during a person’s older years. If one issue exists begging for all political parties to join hands in its obliteration once and for all – it’s Pope Goreacle’s Holy Global Warming. Please, for the country’s sake… hell, for the world’s sake… get off the fracking Climate Gravy Train and end this mammoth fraud you deceitful, two faced, finger in the wind, political hucksters! The fracking polar bears have five times the number they ever had, the glaciers aren’t melting, it’s colder than a witch’s tit on the shady side of the mountain in a brass bra, and there will always be hot August nights in Atlanta! For the love of God or your own image in the mirror… whichever moves you the most… will you congressional clowns please just admit the GW Hoax has been swell but even the most lucrative con-game must end?! You weasels have destroyed businesses the world over, created a global market in empty air trading, and brought the USA to the brink of economic collapse. Put away the Hockey Stick Graphs, tree ring charts, contrail cameras and call it a fracking day!


Charles Gramlich said...

Once someone starts looking they can find all kinds of things taht seemingly might play a role. After a while it becomes pretty ridiculous. What about Squirrel flatulence? What about balloons being released at sporting events and blocking out the sun? Hey wait, maybe the balloons do play a role. :)

BernardL said...

Holy crap, Charles, don't give them any more ideas! :)