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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Water Powered Space Flight

A trip to Mars aboard electrothermal water powered engines at the cost of one shuttle launch is now a reality according to software engineer Brian McConnell Water Craft. Putting together this space coach with inflatable modules like the ones already in use created by Bigelow Aerospace would use chemical propulsion only if a change in direction or emergency maneuvering was needed. Kept in orbit, repaired in orbit, and even visualized as mining needed water or minerals from various space targets like Mars moon Phobos, these low thrust voyagers could be kept in service for decades inexpensively.

Okay… I admit it. I’m intrigued with these simple far reaching projects for space travel. Imagination sometimes stomps illusions prematurely but I can keep an open mind to this kind of optimistic endeavor. There are a few very real problems, which are already proven barriers for human deep space flight. We already know human bodies degenerate in space. We also have not perfected adequate shielding against dangerous gamma radiation. This idea of space ships powered by water is a lot better concept for contemplation than reactor leaks in Japan and war though.

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