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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Quantum What?

We will have to sharpen our writing skills in the sci/fi category to keep up with the stuff they’re coming up with. A few days ago I didn’t know we needed Woolly Mammoths to be cloned and yet we have Brainiacs working on it. Now I find out our lab coated busy bees have neared a breakthrough in not only Quantum Teleportation but also Time Teleportation Time After Time. Quantum entanglement of particles means they can be linked when separated by miles or light years, making it possible for something affecting one particle to also affect the other. Yikes! Apparently it’s just a matter of time before by using this key the Pandora’s Box of time travel may be possible. We all know nothing can possibly go wrong doing that.  :(


Charles Gramlich said...

THat makes cloning mammoths look like the invention of toilet paper.

BernardL said...

That's true, Charles, but I'm still pushing for the Woolly Mammoth cloning plant to be built next to your house. :)

whydibuy said...

As its said, the universe is not just strange, its stranger than you can imagine.
I love watching Richard Feynman lectures on utube. Hes been gone sometime now but how he describes things in physics is so amazing and it shows how weird things really are scientifically. And this quantum stuff is his discovery so kudos to richard. Hes still changing the world.

BernardL said...

As you stated, whydibuy, stranger than we can imagine indeed... and getting stranger by the day. :)