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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bad Snort

From the stranger than fiction file comes this story of teen burglars breaking into a house and stealing a man’s ashes along with the ashes of two Great Dane dogs Stupid is as Stupid does. These geniuses thought the ashes to be cocaine and snorted some. I don’t know about what others may think about this but I’d like to use the Quantum Time Teleport from yesterday’s news item for correcting this obvious mistake in the gene pool. If I could beam backwards and find the parents, at least the mothers, of these offspring I’d show them this news article starring their future sons. Reading this story might get them paying very close attention to birth control. On the bright side, at least the news stories are supplying a basis for our science breakthroughs.


Charles Gramlich said...

And there are folks who seem to think humans are superior, man! they need to read more newsflashes like this.

BernardL said...

This article does make you wonder, Charles, and the picture of the three dolts that were of adult age really made me cringe. :)