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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday on Planet Earth

An article on a green blob the Hubble photographed giving birth to new stars shifts perspective from the decidedly bizarre stuff happening on our own 3rd Rock - The Green.

For a first class look at the recent bizarre stuff back here on earth I suggest reading this excellent piece by David Brooks in the New York Times. While I think journalistic integrity died at the NYT long ago, once in a while one of their reporters writes an article giving us a glimpse of what reporting on events might have been like without a slant back in the old days. Mr. Brooks takes a hard look at the country's newest monster with levelheaded precision and insight. Focus


Charles Gramlich said...

I'll check it out.

BernardL said...

Brooks crafted a well written article, Charles. They stuck him in the OP/ED section but he tackled the subject without onus.

raine said...

How cool is the green blob!! :)
(I love this stuff...)
It almost looks like a light, or reflection, doesn't it?
And then I started thinking, "wow, because it's so far away, we're looking at the past, at something that's already happened anyway, and..."
(I love this stuff). :)

BernardL said...

Yeah, Raine, they write about new stars in the article being only a million years old... just babies. :)