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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Loose Lizard

Animal control sent Jenny Selter out on a lizard in the garden call. She ended up staring at a five foot long monitor lizard from Africa Monitor. With the help of a police officer on scene she netted and tucked the garden intruder into her truck. They think it’s someone’s pet. I read where monitors will eat anything they can overpower and they’re carnivorous. There’s some good news for the pet owner in the middle of the night stumbling around in the kitchen for a glass of water who has forgotten to feed ‘Monty’ the monitor that day. In the picture above check out the look on the Chihuahua’s face in the background. The dog’s thinking ‘get that thing a ticket back to Nairobi’.  :)


Jordan Summers said...

They were lucky. At first glance, I would've thought it was a Komodo dragon and dropped my cookies right on the ground (especially after watching the Life documentary coverage of them). Those are some scary ass critters.

Five feet is big enough for any lizard. Anything larger and they should call it a dinosaur. LOL!

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm generally against folks having such exotic pets. Look what has happened in Florida with Pythons escaping or being dumped by their owners in the everglades.

Virginia Lady said...

How cute! As long as it's contained, that is. I'd have been freaking out.

BernardL said...

You're right, Jordan, those Komodos are bad news. My sister in Florida has to have a flashlight all the time at night because those goofy alligators come right up in her back yard. :(

I'm with you, Charles. They'll have their own real life monster movie down there soon.

I'm with the Chihauhua, put it on the first plane back to Nairobi, VL. :)

Jordan Summers said...


I don't blame your sister at all. Alligators terrify me. Anything that can drag you into water and eat you or attack you underwater, I have an unnatural fear of. *ggg

BernardL said...

I feel the same way, Jordan. I got a close up look at those two alligators that inhabit the lake behind my sister's place when I visited her. They're huge. My sister packs a .357 Magnum with her flashlight and she can shoot. :)