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Friday, April 30, 2010

Illegal Alien Front Line

Here’s a lady of Hispanic descent who knows exactly why voter fraud plays such a big role in the Arizona Immigration Bill protest. With other states lining up to enact the same legislation it may make our politburo media and politicians put away their race cards.

This interesting group of illegal aliens decided to teach the IRS about other avenues of income border invaders can exploit. They certainly mowed into our tax department for a hefty sum of US taxpayers’ hard earned money. Go Arizona!


whydibuy said...

This illegal immigration law shows just how important it is to have state gov.

Those founding fathers understood the need for independance from a national power.

All this AZ law does is copy the federal law about illegals.
Except the feds refused to enforce it after claiming illegals are the sole jurisdiction of fed law.

BRAVO AZ. Lead the way. Ignore all the lawbreakers deciding they don't have to obey lawfull rules.

And ignore the lib media who would give the entire 6 bil world population U.S. citizenship if they could.

BernardL said...

Arizona is definitely leading the way in what should be considered a very common sense manner, whydibuy. I believe the May Day protests by illegal alien enablers is going to backfire on them.