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Friday, April 2, 2010

Eco-Gestapo News

James Delingpole, writing for the UK Telegraph points out the Germans have had enough of Holy Global Warming. They’ve done everything over there in Germany the Eco-Gestapo wants to do to us here. It has been an unmitigated failure which Delingpole very entertainingly outlines in his article.

Unfortunately for us, the Dogs of Eco-War are about to be turned loose on our economy. Every segment of our citizenry will pay for this travesty as the price our government wishes to levy on us for a scam already outed to the world goes up exponentially. Although we here in America are supposedly part of a voting Republic, we will not get to vote on this rip-off. Not even our elected representatives will get an opportunity to save us. Private enterprise and private citizens will be subject to the whim of our unelected SS Commander Lisa Jackson at Eco-Gestapo Central - the Environmental Protection Agency. It has never been about the environment. It has always been about stealing our money. Thanks to these new carbon tax scams new cars will cost over $1100 more. Between Socialized Medicine Redistribution of Wealth and the Eco-Gestapo Carbon taxes I can’t see anything promising on the horizon for America’s economic depression except the elections in November. They won’t matter either once President Obama does an amnesty executive order for 20 million new illegal immigrant voters.

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