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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Climate Mafia Erupts

I no sooner make light of the climate mafia blaming global warming for the Icelandic volcano in jest then they do exactly that. Of course they’ve added the vital sky is falling qualifier word ‘may’ and they aren’t blaming AGW for Iceland’s volcanic eruption directly – but watch out, these researchers warn, the ice melting will probably cause even more violent quakes and fissures. Two things to point out here to the hucksters – ice is at a ten year high and secondly, some of us aren’t going to let you get away with establishing this ludicrous baseless claim and then point to it in the future as a see I told you so moment when nature strikes. Earth will have future volcano eruptions and quakes even if we all got on a spaceship tomorrow and headed for Mars. Good Lord, this tax us until the earth is safe scam is irritating in its complete idiocy.

Even the BBC, one of the original carbon market perpetrators, conceded a much more violent volcanic eruption in 1783 wiped out a fifth of Iceland’s population and tens of thousands in Europe. Well, what do you know, back on the pre-AGW earth before man could do much more than exhale CO2, nature struck with catastrophic efficiency anyhow – and will again whether the climate mafia taxes us to prevent it or not. I say let’s dump the carbon markets and carbon taxes and take our chances with nature. At least we know nature won’t be flying around in private jets amassing fortunes on our tax money.

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