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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Arctic Ice - 4, Warmists - 0

Four years running now Global Warming Acolytes have tried trekking the Arctic in hopes of saving the Climate Mafia’s Carbon Credit Trading scam by convincing the world of the dreaded AGW. Instead they have had to be rescued from frostbite rather than Global Warming. These AGW follies remind me of how in the past every time Al Goracle scheduled a speech out of season, pushing his carbon fairy tale, the temperature drops below freezing. In exasperation, the Goracle now only goes out to deliver his ‘Earth Is Doomed’ pronouncements in desert climes. The idiots doing these Arctic stunts need to take a page out of the Goracle’s new rules of engagement – hike the Mojave Desert on a 100 degree day and claim it’s never been this hot before. It would save some fingers and toes. :)


Middle Ditch said...

It's not the earth that is in trouble. It's the human species who are on the way out. Haven't we learned anything from history yet? How ancient that history is.

BernardL said...

We do seem cursed to repeat our mistakes, MD. When scientists with logical minds point out that other planets in our solar system warm and cool due to the Sun's activity even though they don't have human life or SUV's they are ridiculed. Any common sense fact deriding the Carbon Taxers is dismissed or ignored by the mainstream media.