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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

From Russia With Love

The Russians decided now would be a great time after the USA agreed to the most lopsided disarmament treaty in our history to start marketing a cruise missile system fired from a common shipping container to our enemies. Here are some interesting and terrifying facts for this new threat – nearly thirty percent of all shipping containers come out of China and there are a total of around 20 million containers making 200 million trips around the world in a year. Those are 2005 figures. With allies like Russia, who needs enemies.


Charles Gramlich said...

Weopanry never sleeps.

BernardL said...

I hate saying this, Charles, but we made an error helping Osama and his boys in Afghanistan with Stinger missiles to bring down Russian helicopters. I doubt Russia ever forgot we backed the Taliban against them. When you think about it, most of everything going on today would be different if Russia had gained control of Afghanistan. Backing the Taliban fanatics just to spite Russia has turned out to have been a bad idea. We got back at Russia for their backing of the Vietcong... but at what cost.

Russia's really making a mistake letting this shipping container system loose on the world because they have their own Islamist problem. I wonder what makes them think they won't see these systems used against their own homeland.

Bernita said...

"I wonder what makes them think they won't see these systems used against their own homeland."

BernardL said...

It would be nice to have Russia as an actual ally, Bernita - for our sake as well as their own. Shortsightedness, paranoia, duplicity, and stupidity will prevent that from ever happening unfortunately.