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Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Show Review

I paused the Super Bowl during the first half since it was just my wife and I watching and preparing dinner. I figured this would be a blessing later during what I knew the half time show consisted of: Black Eyed Peas. I fast forwarded through their off key, atrocious… I won’t call it music… whatever that woman caterwauling on the stage was howling with her caustic comrades and army of dancing lighted Gumbies. The game did not disappoint. The commercials were uninspired and many like the Doritos one with the guy licking fingers and pants were… disturbing. That half time show in my humble, out of touch, sixty year old head was bad beyond the concept of bad. That there are people buying Black Eyed Peas albums answered many questions in my mind as to the inexplicable things happening around me. It also defined a new horror of hell – me, straight jacket, strapped onto a gurney, headphones, Black Eyed Peas blaring in my ears for eternity. I’m going to church next Sunday. Christina Aguilera – not knowing the words to the National Anthem – FAIL!

I know the Super Bowl is a football game, my friends; but how tough would it be to find a singer who knows the words to the National Anthem and… and anything other than a half time show of Black Eyed Peas… even somebody playing Yankee Doodle Dandy on a Kazoo would have been an improvement.  :)


Charles Gramlich said...

I'm with you. I posted on facebook after that I wondered how the BLack Eyed peas have a career? How can they not have been laughed off the stage the first time they ever stepped on one. And I'm getting pretty tired of the celebrities who try to put their own "stamp" on the anthem. Just sing the thing like it's written. They need to start getting unknowns to sing it who will give it some respect.

BernardL said...

That's my take on the Black Eyed Peas as well, Charles. Simply and utterly awful!

I really like America the Beautiful and I'm glad they sing it too; but I love the Star Spangled Banner as the National Anthem. As you say, get someone who knows the words and sing it with respect straight-up.

raine said...

I usually only watch for the commercials--which means I've watched my last Super Bowl, lol. Really inferior. The kid with the Darth Vader costume was the best thing going.
But I did get to see my Clydesdales. And Sam Elliot introducing the teams. And frankly, with that voice, Sam could sell me lunar swampland if he wanted to, any day (yum).

I think the Peas are definitely a studio group.
And Aguilera has a FABULOUS set of pipes. All she had to do was stand there & sing the damn thing STRAIGHT. It was too bad. And I tried to convince myself she was nervous or something, & that's why she forgot, lol. It was a crime--but not the first time I've heard it happen.

BernardL said...

Sam Elliott has a great voice. I bought boot legged discs one time of The Yellow Rose because we couldn't buy it anywhere. We still haul them out to watch from time to time to see Sam school Cybil Shepherd. :)

Yeah, I'm afraid I'm too old for the Peas in any pod, Raine. :) Christina has a great voice and she has done the National Anthem before straight. Too bad Sunday wasn't one of those times. She's no Roseanne Barr... that's for sure. No one has surpassed Barr's crime against nature screeching the Star Spangled Banner in San Diego.