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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I put ARCHANGEL up for sale at Amazon at my dirt cheap price of 99 cents. Many of my friends read it here on the blog while I edited it. It was one I received more e-mails about than anything I ever did. The feedback ran about 50/50. Combining Archangels, Warrior Nuns, and famous political figures possessed by demons did not go over well with everyone... especially the famous figures I picked.  :) Here's the link, Cover, and blurb.


What do you think the Lord does if he looks down one day upon the earth, and decides he’s had enough of turning the other cheek to his prodigal son, Lucifer? He sends the Archangel Raphael down to put Lucifer in his place; but when Raphael gets his butt kicked and held for extortion, what does the Lord do then? He plays hardball.

From the darkest realm of reality, the Lord asks the Archangels Michael and Gabriel to bring back his Avatar from exile: Abaddon, the dreaded Archangel of the Abyss. Forged by an angry God to stop the rampaging Lucifer from decimating Heaven’s host, the black winged Warrior Angel did all he was created for. Banished by God’s hand before Abaddon could obliterate Lucifer completely, the Lord’s Avatar passed the eons stoically, his only companionship the unsanctioned visits from his Archangel brothers. Raphael was Abaddon’s favorite. Reunited with the Lord, Abaddon is given a mission: save Raphael, find two tortured nuns who hold the key to exorcising demon kind from human hosts, return the balance between good and evil, and punish Lucifer. The grim Abaddon had four words for his Lord: “I can do that.”

Saved from brutal captivity, Sister Mary Catherine, and Sister Angelina, begin their journey beside the Seraphim of Heaven with both pure and impure motives. The Archangel of the Abyss makes the two nuns one promise: no force on Earth will ever hold them captive again. Desired captivity would be another matter.


Jordan Summers said...

Congrats on putting another book up. :) Just a suggestion, you may want to make your name a little bigger. I had a hard time reading the last part. ;)

BernardL said...

LOL! Thanks, Jordan. :)

Jordan Summers said...

You're welcome. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds purty good old son.

BernardL said...

It sure was fun to write, Charles. :)

Rick said...

You're on a roll, Bernard!

BernardL said...

No Rick, getting a real agent or publisher would be on a roll. :) I have four other completed manuscripts I'm trying to get picked up and two more I'm completing. My older brother passed suddenly last week and it made me realize if I don't do something with these manuscripts they may never see the light of day... or light of Amazon. :). Time is non-fiction, and beating it impossible.

whydibuy said...

Was it just a copy of the book or all the rights to the manuscript?

I guess if some publisher got it cheap enough, he might publish and get you a little name recognition.

Thats not a bad strategy.

Condolences on your brother. We all know people die but its still a shock when it happens.

BernardL said...

Nothing someone self publishes on Amazon will get picked up by either an agent or a publisher, whydibuy. I just wanted to get these two up cheap where maybe even a small audience might read them.

"Condolences on your brother. We all know people die but its still a shock when it happens."

Thank you. I appreciate your kind words. The memories never fade.