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Monday, February 28, 2011

New Energy

A Massachusetts’ company invented a genetically-engineered organism capable of using sunlight, CO2, and water to secrete diesel or ethanol fuel by process of photosynthesis Miracle?. This would be head and shoulders above disastrous windmill farms, previous solar powered devices, and hydrogen battery hybrid vehicles. Remember, combustion produces CO2, thereby producing the most important ingredient this organism needs to work its magic. When you read the article, this company’s competitors say there are problems, but the inventors will be starting a production site for demonstration and the lead guy expects to deliver just what he promises.

This will of course be yet another blow to the Goreacle and Holy Global Warming acolytes everywhere. If this Massachusetts company produces what they claim and it creates the much sought after ‘energy independence’ we can walk away from the Middle East oil extortionists without a backward glance. We could also stop producing hydrogen cell technology hybrids and so-called electric cars that require ten times the carbon footprint they claim to save. This is colossal news if it proves to be true in reality.

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