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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bug Warming

Those whacky scientists of the global warming/climate change con have come up with some great ideas once again to go along with a new disaster GW is causing. First up - toxic algae and bacteria will be polluting our seas and lakes everywhere in the next ten years Crapolla. There's a simple explanation as to why GW acolytes are going for broke on this latest scare-o-rama: they know once a world tax is in place it's nearly impossible to get rid of. Their arguments now get refuted on a daily basis coupled with world record cold fronts and snow. They needed an immediate apocalypse of some kind to rekindle the dying climate catastrophe embers. Blaming acne, earthquakes, hurricanes, cooling, warming, tornadoes, tidal waves, growing glaciers, shrinking glaciers, dogs and cats living together... nothing has worked lately to further the con. Enter toxic algae and bacteria, maiming our waterways, torturing all life on earth to extinction... IN THE NEXT TEN YEARS! We can stop this of course. How, you ask? Money... our money... not the Goreacle's... us peons' without mansions and titles will be warring to stop this imaginary menace with the money these fanatics plan on robbing us of.

The climate clowns have come up with another way to screw with our lifestyles to curb the dreaded global warming plague we've caused with our reckless living -we need to eat bugs... the more the better More Crapolla. By eating bugs we'll all be on the front lines reducing global warming. Yes, we're already paying for white lab coated nimrods to study this fabulous idea. Don't waste a single moment! They're all around us and waiting to be harvested for tasty treats to save the earth! Mama Mia...  :(


Charles Gramlich said...

Not sure what Toxic bacteria has to do with global warming. That would be a stretch.

BernardL said...

Everything has to do with Global Warming, Charles. Global Warming is responsible for my not selling the movie rights to any of my books. :)))