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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Who's Next?

The religion of submission kicked around another new idea in Egypt to promote worldwide healing – old school Extermination. A few of Islam’s beloved disciples in Pharaoh land decided if Christians were to be exterminated and all trace of their places of worship to be burned all would be well. This is a classic example, although only surprising to our media and politicians cringing every time Muslim hate groups here yell Islamaphobia because they feel slighted when asked to abide by the laws of our nation while living here. See, many naïve imbeciles in the media and even congress think that well, if we just let them massacre the Jews, peace will reign for the rest of us. Well folks, after they’ve come for the Jews, guess who really is next. Unfortunately, there are too many sheep running in the same circles who would sacrifice Christians next in a heartbeat.


Charles Gramlich said...

There's quite a lot of hate in the world it seems. hate based on religion is one of the nastiest.

BernardL said...

Especially from Islamist murderers, hell bent on subjugating the entire world to their twisted interpretation of right and wrong, Charles.