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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Naked Nuts

The only saving grace in this news item Freaks is the temperature in San Francisco. It’s usually very cool even in the summer by late afternoon. That fact, and apparently not the nitwits running the craziest city on earth, is what will limit exposure to the ‘naked guys’ from the infamous Castro District of our lovely city by the bay. Instead of simply ordering the police to arrest these whackos and fine them until they alter their behavior, a new law is being considered – no sitting anywhere naked without something underneath. Really?! Every time I read about an act of idiocy beyond comprehension like this new law the song ‘Mad World’ starts up inside my head. I’m sure allowing the inmates to run the asylum by the bay will be fabulous for the tourist trade, not to mention anyone in their right mind ever bringing their kids to the city. Let me just finish with this comment… eeeeehhhhheeeewwww!


Charles Gramlich said...

I see your Ewwwwhhhh and raise you a WTF

raine said...

While I certainly see your point--gotta admit it made me laugh.
God bless us, every one. :D

BernardL said...

Yep, that's my take too, Charles.

The article is funny I'm sure to everyone, especially folks who don't live near SF, Raine. If I took my Grandson Colin to SF like I did in fact a little while ago and the 'naked guys' decided to eat at the restaurant we ate in, they'd need more than a towel, and I'd need a lawyer and bail money. :)