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Monday, September 12, 2011

Mad World

Boy, I no sooner write a comment about Islamists blaming the US Government and the Israelis for 9/11 than one of their idiot representatives does exactly that Blame Us. This is not one of your wild eyed sheiks of Osama’s old cauldron of terrorist murderers. It’s a former Malaysian Premier - Mahathir Mohamad. Want to guess how many billions of our hard earned dollars the state department pours into his particular third world sandpit? I know I don’t, because there’s only so much of this crap you can take before your head explodes without any help from one of the Islamist underwear bombers. Minnie Me Mohamad wants to blame Bush for the Twin Towers. I want to blame Bush for a few other things. I blame him for not shutting off all immigration from anywhere immediately after 9/11 when he had all of America with him, except for a few of our own traitors. He could have built an impenetrable barrier on our borders and stated all travelers from Muslim countries were persona non grata until further notice, like when hell freezes over or they have a complete reformation within Islam, because both would happen about the same time. He should have ordered the immediate drilling and refining necessary for complete oil independency on an emergency war footing.

Instead, we have our leaders blaming everyone other than the actual culprits – Islamists. They are responsible for widespread terror all over the world, and massacre each other in mind blowing numbers when they don’t get to murder us. Our government bows and scrapes to the religion of submission here, while calling the Islamist nutbags ‘folks’. Even the mention of the words Islamist/Terrorist brings the outrage of Muslim representatives still pressing for and overlooking female subjugation, female genital mutilation, honor killings, and the unconstitutional adherence to Sharia Law within our supposedly sovereign borders. It’s a world turned upside down, and one that should never be taken lightly. The only thing standing between us and being a foot licking satellite of an Islamist Alliance is the Second Amendment that must be protected at all costs on a day to day basis. I want to see a present day Diogenes, with symbolic lamp of truth, looking for an Arab Ally instead of an honest man. He better be an immortal because I don’t like his chances.

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