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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Delta Smelt

The Department of the Interior under Kenneth Salazar sent two of their moonbeam scientists in before Federal Judge Oliver Wanger to argue why the delta smelt minnow like fish is more important than California’s Central Valley agriculture Insanity. The Interior Department has managed to send the Central Valley into a depression with forty percent unemployment and caused grocery costs sky rocketing to consumers across the nation. Judge Wanger called these two cheese-balls out, stating the Interior Department used ‘bad faith’, and claimed their testimony was "an attempt to mislead and to deceive the court into accepting not only what is not the best science, it's not science." Finally, someone stands up for human beings over fish bait. The Central Valley of California is arguably the richest agricultural area in the country, which feeds the nation. Using junk science based in the whacko crapolla of ‘a mosquito is fish bait is a frog is a tree is a boy’ reasoning, the Interior Department for reasons unfathomable to even a federal judge, has sought to destroy the nation’s grocery basket in California’s Central Valley. They’ve wrecked the economy there, put whole areas out of work, ruined the lives of countless people, and for what? Fish bait. I can only conclude the Interior Department under that incompetent boob Salazar must be on a mission to emulate the third world where populations regularly starve to death.

This is all right in line with the Feds threatening to imprison the guy in Idaho who thought his own kids’ lives were more important than a grizzly bear. Maybe Judge Wanger’s stand will call into question all of these EPA and Interior Department Eco-Zombies acting as a real life plague on mankind.


Charles Gramlich said...

I don't really know the situation but the question about whether to preserve the fish or not is not really a scientific question.

BernardL said...

It's really not a complicated situation, Charles. We can either have farms, people, and food produced in the Central Valley of California... or we can have fish bait. The judge chose people. I'm siding with him.