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Friday, November 6, 2009

Al Gore: First Carbon Billionaire

The global warming carnival barker Al Gore is on track to become the first ‘carbon billionaire’. The Global Warming con has always been about the money trail, originated and propagated by this huckster. When asked how much he has to gain by perpetrating this incredible hoax, the conman becomes incensed while claiming he’s being setup by ‘Hitler like forces’ to take away from his message.

While actual product and services producers are crucified if they make a buck, this charlatan hack amasses a fortune for creating misery and deceit. I have begun to see the humor in this debacle. I’m reconciled to the fact nothing can stop this scam aiming to eventually tax us for exhaling. Now I just laugh at the world leaders fawning over Gore as they ignore physical and scientific evidence on a daily basis that man made climate catastrophe is a myth. As the world enters another cooling period started a decade ago (global temperatures have been dropping for over ten years) I look forward to watching Al Gore’s PT Barnum-like showmanship take advantage of it. I’m sure his next movie will somehow tie the global warming scam into the earth’s present cooling cycle with more ‘inconvenient truth’. At least his global warming sermons won’t look so phony when they’re accompanied by ice, snow, and plunging temperatures.

I wish in my remaining days I wouldn’t have to watch my kids and grandkids have to pay for this ridiculous sting operation on our country’s taxpayers but it would take common sense and logic to defeat the huckster. Unfortunately, those two virtues have become as extinct as the Dodo bird. People today embrace doom like a long lost lover. If it doesn’t exist – they create it. Al Gore, the Global Warming Carnival Barker, is just filling the need. What Red China, the old Soviet Union, today’s Russia, and Al Queda Terrorism have not yet been able to accomplish in decades, Al Gore is masterminding in a very short time span - the destruction of the productivity of the United States of America.

I always play this YouTube video for myself when Al Gore is in the news. :)


Charles Gramlich said...

No doubt he's making money. He's nowhere close to a billionaire at this time, which ignites my skeptic bone about the claims of the website you link to. He certainly could make a lot of money out of those investments but anyone investing in those technologies is likely to do pretty well since they will likely be growing. I don't know Gore personally but I doubt if he started his campaign against global warming with the intent to make lots of money. Since money corrupts, maybe he is continuing it for that reason. Who knows. The study of climate change is still in it's infancy so the fact is we don't really know one way or another what is happening right now. We need a lot more data.

BernardL said...

I cross referenced their data and the Times of India may be actually a little understated. The American media trickles the information out after The Times of India and the UK Telegraph publish the news. Everything about what Al Gore does is about money, notoriety and power. Money does not corrupt Al Gore. Al Gore corrupts the money. Bill Gates, Oprah, and others in industry and entertainment produce goods and services. Parasites like AG and his global warming huckster crew produce nothing but hard times and misery. Remember, a carbon credit they sell is an imaginary hype. They blackmail people in a world wide scam to buy imaginary hype to offset imaginary hype. Wait until they personalize the carbon credit hoax to tax you on your personal footprint for breathing.

The study of climate change is not in its infancy, Charles. Fake climate change is in its infancy but growing with every passing moment.

Vesper said...

man made climate catastrophe is a myth - I couldn't agree more with you.
Everything in this world revolves around greed and money. It's so sad and disgusting...

BernardL said...

It's as if the huckster by putting together a basket of lies in a movie (as judged by a UK court on 'An Inconvenient Truth') Gore actually invented a new reality. Now the world gets to move in and tax us while Gore the fraud sucks in his cup of blood selling carbon hype. Yes Vesper, disgusting indeed.