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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Climategate - Good News, Polar Bears!

I’ll start this by saying up front I don’t care whether Al Gore had his new book cover photo-shopped with hurricanes swirling in the wrong direction. The important point remains our former Vice President belongs to a worldwide gang of thieves perpetuating a hoax so massive the economies of countries hang in the balance rather than the earth. With the new revelations uploaded to the Internet by hackers of the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit, a needle of truth has been stuck into the global warming scam balloon. Until admissions the e-mails and documents were real, I didn’t think it was prudent to mention the subject.

Unlike many who have believed this was a hoax of monumental proportions all along and are celebrating the expose, I’m praying this new religion of global warming can actually be stopped with the truth. This can have a happy ending for all of us. For one thing this scam can be stopped before the global warming cult can reduce Western Civilization to third world nation status while extorting money from the entire world community. That should be the point of celebration if the cult can be halted, not whether Al Gore the Global Warming Carnival Barker’s book cover is photo-shopped. I don’t care if he sells ten million copies and makes a fortune. If people want to buy it then by all means, crank up the printing presses.

Most people are gullible about apocalyptic predictions. We live in a world where people rubberneck at horrendous roadway accidents, flock to the most sickening horror movies ever produced, and embrace doomsday with a lover’s passion – all while beseeching the universe to allow it to happen in their time. In this era of global extortion, the gullible have been catapulted into the position of foisting the hoax onto the rest of the world’s wallets. I can only hope the truth will be enough to derail the false prophets of doom.

Here are some links to the outing. I can’t include the New York Times because according to them they refuse to print what should be private correspondence. It’s okay though for them to print classified material which leads to the deaths of our own troops while rooting for the enemy. Go figure. Anyway, here are a few of the thankfully growing number of media covering this good news. After all, think of it this way, the earth, polar bears and even us crappy humans can breathe a sigh of relief until the politician’s and their Igor’s (the scientific community & Media) perpetrate their next scam: global cooling.


Miladysa said...

Heaven only knows what the big wigs are up to!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Bernard :)

BernardL said...

Thank you, Miladysa. This may mean a break for everyone in the world if they bust up this extortion ring. Cross your fingers, M. I know England takes the biggest money hits in this global warming scam. I've read comments where the people want to burn that research facility to the ground.

Bernita said...

Well, darn!
I was hoping it might get warmer around here.

BernardL said...

If we can muzzle these thieves, Bernita, the prices of all goods and services will come down, including heating oil. :) The real problem is once governments start taxing people for nonexistent reasons, it's nearly impossible to get them to stop.

Vesper said...

Thanks for the links, Bernard.
I hope that more and more people will realize what the truth is, not just in this but many other matters too, before it's too late...

BernardL said...

An example of our problems are just starting here. President Obama's climate czar Carol Browner spewed the usual 'the science is settled' cliches rather than show interest when asked about Climategate. Now, according to Canada Free Press, John Holdren, President Obama's science czar has been linked to Climategate.

I guess we'll have to hope the press finally stops burying this scandal and helps us peons stop the extortion. :) Thanks Vesper.