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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Blood Lust Cover and Blurb

Thanks to my very good friend and publisher RJ Parker, here is the link on this special release day for:

Here is the cover and blurb we're using for release - coming very soon. 

Half human, half vampire, Jedidiah Israel Blake comes of age with his sire’s lust for blood. Wielding incredible power, Jed grows up next door with his childhood partner, Erin Constanza, sharing Jed’s monstrous secret of what his Mom thinks of as raising the ‘Dark Superman’. Jed and Erin, now a policewoman with the Sacramento Police Department, find out their lives have been catalogued by a secret government group formed to watch Jed’s growth into adulthood power. They want to harness Jed’s blood lust for their own purposes. He’s happy to oblige.



Bookwormin said...

Does that mean it will appear as a pre-order for me to drool at on amazon? or will I be able to snag it as soon as it is posted? i can't wait!

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

At most it will be a couple of days. I will have the release link up the moment it's on Amazon. Thank you. :)

Richard Thorpe said...

Loved the book and I don't do vampire anything. Looking forward to seeing the next installment. Thanks Bernard.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Thanks, Richard! I seldom do anything with a vampire in it, but I liked creating Jed. :)