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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hard Case VII: Red Waves - Coming Soon

In their own pulp fiction manner, Nick McCarty’s crew from my series Cold Blooded and John Harding’s Monster Squad from my series Hard Case join in a bloody violent strike against Isis and their enablers. With the fate of thousands in a high-stakes gamble on the high seas, the two teams not only launch against pirates from terrorist nations recruited by Isis and the Muslim Brotherhood, they attack an enemy nation’s port hosting the pirates.

This crossover event will not only be a high seas adventure, but a series of battles fought in a no holds barred, merciless defense of a nation in jeopardy. After heavy losses to the Unholy Trio and the Monster Squad, Isis gambles on a huge shock assault to regain momentum in our homeland. Unfortunately, for the throat slitting cowards, John Harding and Nick McCarty wage war without rules of engagement except one - mutilate, torture, and kill your enemy. Hard Case VII: Red Waves hit the 50K word mark tonight and spills out of my head with a fury, so it will be ready in April. :) Here is a preview of the cover in the works.

Here are the links to the past novels in the series if anyone would like to catch up.

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