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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Number 1 in Pulp Fiction: Hard Case V: Blood and Fear

I had to take advantage of this moment, in that when these things happen, it’s only for a short time. Hard Case Book V: Blood and Fear made it to #1 in Pulp Fiction on Amazon, so I naturally clipped it for inclusion today on the blog. The new writing on Demon IV: Darkness Rules, and Cold Blooded IV is still humming along. That’s it for now from mid-level author and auto-repair land.  :)


Harry James Krebs said...

Just read a fantastic mystery by Bernard Lee DeLeo. Hard Case V: Blood and Fear is the 5th in his thrilling Hard Case Series and ex-Marine-turned-street-fighter, John Harding, is at it again. Something they don't advertise much to entice San Francisco tourists--bodies in the bay. Check it out and let the bedlam begin! 5 WELL-DESERVED STARS!

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Thanks, Harry!