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Friday, February 20, 2015

Demon IV: Darkness Rules and Cold Blooded IV In Progress

For the first time in a couple of years, I’m writing two books at the same time: Demon Book IV: Darkness Rules, and Cold Blooded Book IV. I forgot how unique the feeling is, diving back and forth from a paranormal New Adult story to one about the adventures of an assassin. I already have 24,000 words done in Demon IV, because I started it the moment I finished Hard Case Book V: Blood and Fear, which is doing very well. I’m nearing 4,000 words in Cold Blooded IV with the opening scene a funny and violent beginning. It is best when attempting to do this to have a totally different cast of characters, genre, and adventures – that luckily is the case with these two.

I’m back to working about twenty hours a week in my auto shop, and for now, that’s probably all I will be doing. It hasn’t been long enough to gather any humorous stories in auto repair land, but I’m not giving it up, so we’ll see. The demilitarized zone of East Oakland can always become exciting at a moment’s notice. I’m doing strictly appointments now, and taking off Fridays. Without my best friend of over forty years along for the ride, it doesn’t matter so much anymore. The fiction writing does. I’ve had some great reviews already on Hard Case V: Bloodand Fear. It seems it struck the right chord with the series fans, which was my hope.  :)

In case anyone would like to start the Demon series, which I believe is one of the most exciting and humorous adventures in reading out there, here's the link to the first three in the series.


Charles Gramlich said...

I tried writing two at once, once, could never get into the swing of it.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

The key I believe is the manuscripts being very different in voice and genre, Charles. This is kind of a return to form for me in a way. I wrote a Hard Case novel, while writing the second Demon novel, Demon Inc. It's been really fun so far, including today. I've nearly finished with the scene in Demon 4, and will be jamming into a new scene in Cold Blooded 4. I'm really looking forward to your 4th installment of the Talera series.

raine said...

Looking forward to renewing the adventures in auto-land. :)

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

I'm conflicted about wishing for adventures in Auto-repair land, Raine. :)