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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Something New and Blue

As the year end seeped into my conscious thought this morning, accompanied by the usual stroke of reality until I can get my fingers on the keyboard's fictional escape, this poem blasted in on the changing year and times - bittersweet awakening to label what lies ahead.

I can see her smile so far away.
Eternity blinks in shadowed hours.
Only darkness remains of yesterday,
Grainy visions where time cowers.
Beyond my grasp her reaching hand,
Into blackness, despair now guides.
Hope filled vistas, now barren sand,
On evening’s tide, death soon rides.
Cold bleak mornings, dreams shattered,
Leaving gray dawn’s sad leeching care.
Strong fists tremble, only she mattered,
Her laugh, her touch, in our secret lair,
Where once we built a castle to abide,
With love we thought lasting forever.
Death’s parting shot, no place to hide,
Done in Reaper’s web, not so clever.
Alone once again, as in youth long past,
Day yet to face with promises to keep,
In dull acceptance of fearful fate cast,
I await with open arms dreamless sleep.
Final lesson learned after all these years:
Nothing lasts forever, except our tears.

A final farewell to my wife Joyce in this 2014 year of hell's kiss, loved one beyond measure... and beyond time. Yeah... baby, you will be missed to the end of days.