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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hard Case VII: Red Waves

Just an update on writing progress - I'm nearing the 93K words mark. The new novel, Hard Case VII: Red Waves, splices my two teams from Hard Case and Cold Blooded together for a crossover event not to be missed. John Harding’s Monster crew join forces with Nick McCarty’s Unholy Trio for a violent running battle against terrorist infiltrators, and an Isis plot authored from Iran to capture the newest skyscraper cruise ship on the high seas. Unfortunately for the horde at our gates, the Isis perpetrators run into an American force without mercy, compassion, or rules of engagement. They kill, maim, and torture their enemies while the innocents they save sleep. The execution of America’s enemies is their business… and business is good. Red Waves will be in the 120K word range and will be released on schedule in April. I’m loving every bloody minute of writing it.  :)