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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cold Blooded V: Nightmare in Red - Release Day!

Cold Blooded V: Nightmare in Red

I sent the files into RJ Parker for Cold Blooded V: Nightmare in Red. He did his usual superlative work finalizing categories, links, and marketing connections for Amazon release. They surprised us by listing Nick McCarty's newest pulp fiction adventure earlier than expected. If you're tired of reading the kid glove treatment Isis and the usual suspects of Islamist hordes get in reality, take a trip into Nick McCarty land where the world's number one murderous enemy meets with an assassin without peer, remorse, or mercy. Here's the link for the new Nick McCarty adventure:

Cold Blooded V: Nightmare in Red


Charles Gramlich said...

Will be reading it at some point, I'm sure!

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Thank you, my friend. The future Nick and Jean bonus story turned out real well.

LK Reinmiller said...

Love the bonus story as it gives us more and more about Quinn, Sonny, and Jean.

And, of course, the novel itself was action after action. No rest in Nick-land. Looking forward to Dhampyr.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

I love adding on to the bonus stories so they will continue, LK. Thank you for the feedback. Dhampir is coming along very well. I'm hoping it will be well received. :)