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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

BTS Reviews E-mag for July/August

I've discussed Book Trailers Showcase Reviews E-mag in the past. They do an exceptional job creating the most professional looking on-line magazine to be found anywhere on the Web. It has been a pleasure advertising with them since the beginning. I know for a fact being in the E-mag and partnering up with RJ Parker made inroads into name recognition and marketing that have changed everything for me. Myra Nour, the CEO of BTS Reviews E-mag is a personal friend and fellow writer who has built the magazine into a must read for reviews, interviews, promos, and publishing news. She suggested a dual cover and spread, featuring both my partner RJ Parker and I. It turned out to be a wonderful opportunity. The E-mag for July/August also has my ads for the Rick Cantelli, P.I. series along with my Cold Blooded series. Take a look at this E-mag treat, because the BTS Reviews E-mag July/August issue entertains, informs, and visually enlightens... plus... of course... it features RJ and me.  :)

 July/August Issue


 If you enjoy the E-mag as much as I think you will, please hit the share buttons you like.  :)


Charles Gramlich said...

I've seen several issues now and it definitely is a nice body of work

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

They do a terrific job over at BTS, Charles. I don't know if anything works perfectly in this goofy marketplace, but this E-mag offers an affordable option.