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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Radio Report and Audio Books

The radio gig went extremely well. Elaine gave me a chance to mention DEMON and STORM in detail, along with many of my other books, screenplays, and projects. She seemed to like the interview, and wants to have me back on another YA show when I release the second book in the trilogy. There will be a repeat of her show today, and the podcast is available for anyone wanting to hear the young adult show themed program at their convenience – AUTHOR’S CORNER
Elaine Raco Chase is also an author as I’ve mentioned. She’s really into audio books too, which she discussed with me on the show. She told me about an audio group called ACX – Audio CreationExchange, where an author can make deals to have their novels converted into audio books with no upfront costs. It does mean splitting the royalties, but as I’ve found out over the years, half of something is far better than all of nothing. I’ve already signed up DEMON and LAYLA, and a narrator has already auditioned for LAYLA. As I understand it, you are supposed to wait for a time, and see if other narrators also audition. That way, you find the best voice for your novel. On the other hand, you may only get one narrator audition to pick from… or none. Anyway, I’ll report on the progress.
I registered my third screenplay, second in the DEMON series, with WGAW (Writer’s Guild of AmericaWest). I put the script and logline on at STAGE 32. Not much progress to report on the screenwriting front. I’m advertising the first DEMON script on, where supposedly production companies look for their next project. I’ve started my third screenplay in the DEMON series, and my new novel sequel to HARD CASE is going very well. I’m also writing short stories for either free slots on places like or if I can land a feature spot with Book Trailers Showcase e-mag. I hate spamming every social site I belong to, so writing stuff, and new ventures, fit in with my name recognition quest a lot better.  :)
That’s it from the writer’s marketing trenches. :)


Charles Gramlich said...

The audio book situation sounds pretty cool. I may have to check that out. I was glad when the Talera books came out on audio.

Looking forward to the Hard Case sequel.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

The Talera series was perfect for converting to audio books. I think 'Days of Beer' is another one you should convert, Charles.

The sequel to HARD CASE is a dark one. I'm introducing two very dangerous people into his Oakland crew.

Vesper said...

I've never listened to an audio book! I should try it once... :-)
Congratulations on your progress in making your work better known! I'll check out the podcast.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

Thanks, V. I've never had an audio book, but I could sure understand having a setup for taking one along on commutes, long vacation drives, or even working out on the treadmill. They've been around for a while, but with iTunes and all the outlets for them now, audio books are growing in leaps and bounds. There's a nice cliche. :)