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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Radio Interview

I will be on my fellow author's radio show, Author's Corner, tonight at 6:40 PM PST, 9:40 PM EST. I'll be talking with her about my YA novel DEMON, and possibly STORM, my other YA novel with a Warren, Ohio backdrop if we have time. We’ll also be discussing other projects and WIP’s. Elaine is an exceptional host, and her show is first rate. If you'd like to hear about the Young Adult novel craze, tune in from the beginning. It starts at 5:00 PM PST or 8:00 PM EST.

This can be a fun part of marketing and reaching new readers. I’m trying to think of it as such. Elaine is great to talk with, and she does her show very well. If you’ve ever thought it’s easy to keep a broadcast moving along on topic, listen to a full show. It is extremely difficult, but Elaine makes it seem easy.
I got my funny poem EVIL CLUTTER picked up by AuthSpot. I have featured it here once, but now it’s out there, shared with a few more people. That’s it for now. Don’t forget to tune into Elaine’s Podcast or download it later. This is another opportunity to hear me pretend I know what I’m doing on radio.  :)


Charles Gramlich said...

Cool. Congrats on that. I'll try to give it a listen.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

I like her show, Charles. She did one on audio books, and mentioned some of the companies creating audio books split royalties in place of up front fees. I managed to mention a lot more last night than I figured I'd have a chance to.