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Monday, June 11, 2012


I finished the second part in my YA trilogy on Sunday afternoon. It was so much fun writing the thing, I hesitated to end it. There’s a lot to carry on into the third book, so I may launch into it before the editing is done on my second one, DEMON INC. The excitement following the chance to write ‘The End’ on a manuscript always is tempered by a reluctance to let go, knowing the next crucial step in the process is editing. Editing a manuscript a writer loved writing is a heck of a lot easier than editing one written for someone elses expectations though.
DEMON INC ended up going past my parameter of 75,000 words, which is the upper end length for a YA novel. The final scenes needed more than I had anticipated, and I couldn’t get them done without hitting nearly the 79,000 word mark. I’m certain it’ll get cut down somewhat by the time I’m through working it over. Yesterday was a good one. I played basketball for a couple hours in the morning and went home unscathed, washed and vacuumed my wife St. Joyce’s GMC, and then went swimming while listening to the ballgame. Then it was time to finish DEMON INC. After finishing the final battle scene and follow up ending, I read it to St Joyce. The ending cracked her up so I was happy. My paranormal pup Demon gets to do so much more in this because of a device I’d been waiting to add, the humor is tenfold – by my prejudiced opinion of course.
Anyway, that’s how I stretched out the final writing for DEMON INC on a very nice Sunday. I know this wasn’t like the Twitter burps and Facebook updates with descriptions of meals and drinks someone is having for dinner (it’s one of the funniest things about either of those venues). I swear if someone stubs their toe on a rock, they’ll whip out the camera-phone and upload a picture of the rock to FB, then Twitter ‘Ow… I stubbed my toe!’.  :)


Charles Gramlich said...

It's definitely a bittersweet feeling when you finish a book. Strange in a way that it should be like that. Congrats.

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

It is pretty weird to work at something with the end as a goal, and then avoid it when it's within reach, Charles. To avoid that very thing in the past, I've worked on more than one project at a time. DEMON INC progressed so quickly, I didn't really have a chance to start something else at the same time. Maybe I'll begin the third book and leave the editing go for a few days. I love putting off editing. :)

raine said...

I swear if someone stubs their toe on a rock, they’ll whip out the camera-phone and upload a picture of the rock to FB, then Twitter ‘Ow… I stubbed my toe!’.

YES THEY DO, lol!!
I don't do FB, but it's one of my least favorite things about Twitter (and one reason I don't follow a huge amount of people).
But congrats on finishing, Bernard, yay!!
And I know that bittersweet feeling. Guess it's true that it's the journey, not necessarily the destination...

RJ Parker said...

Hey brother, so glad to hear about the second in Demon Inc and can't wait to read it. I'm still in Ontario and working hard each day painting etc., and getting ready for this outdoor wedding on the 16th....45 degrees celcius here today, that's about 118 degrees. So frigging hot. How are things?

Bernard Lee DeLeo said...

It is the journey, Raine. No doubt about it. Thank you.

FB's great for sharing photos with family. The sister of an old Navy buddy just uploaded some pictures taken on Saturday of him and his wife. The last time I saw him and his wife was 1970. I loved it. Seeing a picture of the bottle of wine someone posted they were having for dinner along with the menu... not so much. :)

RJ, my brother, it is in full scale editing with me jotting down the outline for the third book in the trilogy. I'll send it to you the moment I have a decent copy. I hate the heat! I'm spoiled living here in the Bay Area. Things are good here. Take care in that heat!