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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

'Occupy' This!

The idiocy and shortsightedness running rampant in this ‘Occupy’ nonsense makes me wonder if logic has finally passed away, following the long illness and death of its sibling common sense. The point blunted by the media along with its whacky legion of Hollywood idiots who are themselves rich beyond common folks’ imaginings – no matter how you feel about homeless bums, naïve college dolts, and the unemployed and unemployable, THEY DON’T CREATE JOBS! Crapping up major cities’ parks and streets which will be billed to Mr. Working Taxpayer, and annoying the hell out of working adults trying to make a living is not striking out at ‘The Man’. The recently deceased Steve Jobs was ‘The Man’ for millions of people employed by his hugely successful Apple Computer Inc., and the countless hordes enjoying the technological advances both at work and home he made possible by being ‘The Man’. Bill Gates and all the rest of Fortune Five Hundred Companies not on the government dole or up to their necks in political storms of government corruption like Solyndra also employ millions, give billions to charity, and supply us rubes with jobs, food, entertainment, appliances, fuel, and an infinite number of conveniences we would never have to enjoy without ‘The Man’. We don’t need to take down ‘The Man’. We don’t need meaningless backdoor welfare in the form of government created jobs. What we really need is to stop destroying ‘The Man’, better known as the taxed to death Private Sector. They, unlike politicians and government workers, are accountable. They must produce viable products and services or fail. Their companies hold our 401K’s and retirement funds for us dupes out here who know better than to count on Social Security to be around when the ‘Entitlements’ bill comes due after the politicians get through buying votes with it.

The prime example of this nutcake mentality driving the ‘Occupy’ movement is on display for all to see in my business city of Oakland, CA. We have ‘Occupy’ idiots frothing at the mouth in downtown Oakland over ‘The Man’ while costing us poor saps paying Oakland taxes a fortune. These morons are actually protesting in a city where city government has already chased away every major corporation that used to be here, supporting the community with jobs and services, with exorbitant taxes and extortion. There’s no ‘The Man’ left in Oakland. Only small businesses clawing out a living remain here. I wish Oakland Government would get ‘The Man’ back with huge tax breaks and favors, because unlike the professional nutcake ‘Occupy’ people I’m not jealous of anyone earning more than me or a huge amount more than me. It’s always amazed me when these cretins wanting to steal what they haven’t worked for because of class envy automatically exempt athletes and entertainers taking in tens of millions of dollars a year. If ‘Occupy’ can be expansive in their embrace of millionaire and in some cases billionaire celebrities and sports figures, why not a corporate CEO running a profitable company NOT taking government handouts while employing millions.

I embrace them all – the CEO’s, the Celebrities, the Sports Figures… all of them… all the rich. They’re not stealing from me. They don’t have the power to steal from me. Only politicians buying votes while creating entitlement programs steal from me. If I don’t like a CEO’s product, I don’t buy it. If I don’t like a Celebrity, I stop going to their movies or shows. If I don’t like a Sports Figure, I don’t watch or go to the game. I absolutely detest what my government does in waste, destroying companies our retirement funds depend on, promoting illegal immigration, and stealing money to do it by taxing every facet of our daily lives – yet I can’t stop them or shun them because unlike the CEO’s, Hollywood Idiots, and Sports Figures the government can take everything I have away from me and put me in prison. I'm choosing sides. I love you 'MAN'.  :)


Charles Gramlich said...

Like many movements, I see it as having some heart felt and good aims, but there is also a lot of naivety and in practice things are different. However, the folks with power almost always turn this kind of thing to their advantage anyway so I don't think we have many worries for the Man.

BernardL said...

The only thing I see in this movement is class warfare, Charles. Class envy because someone has the guts to take the risks and makes more money from their efforts. Three end games have emerged since 'Occupy' started - steal what they have not earned, rage because they can't find a way to steal what they have not earned, and simple chaos. As I pointed out in the post, Oakland has driven away everything the protestors say they are demonstrating against. We have no more corporate empires in Oakland. Unfortunately, the voters out here have already destroyed everything the demonstrators seek to destroy by electing political morons more concerned with robbing the rich than encouraging employment. As long as government can rob 'The Man', and political hacks use class warfare to get votes, 'The Man' and all of us are at risk.

I've read where we dupes of corporate America are fighting back. An organization called the 53%ers are finally representing all of us wagon pullers. See, only 53% of Americans pay taxes, and we're allowing the other 47% of people not paying taxes to run an extortion game on us. They whine, they cry, they piss away their freebies, and they want more. Well, once they've destroyed 'The Man' there won't be any more to steal.