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Friday, October 28, 2011

Herman Cain

Poverty Pimp Grand Wizard Supreme Al Sharpton decided to de-black Republican nominee for president, Herman Cain Libel. According to Sharpton, Cain says what whites want to hear, and that’s why he’s had such a meteoric rise in the polls. I didn’t know wanting less government, less taxes, more private sector jobs, and striving to get people away from the nanny state was a ‘White’ thing. Since I believe Al Sharpton to be a low-life, lying buffoon of a shyster, I had to take objection to his stunningly stupid rap of Mr. Cain – a man I admire more than anyone I’ve heard in decades. Herman Cain will be the first primary candidate for president I will be able to vote for without the lesser of two evils parameter in a long time.

Herman Cain represents everything any American of any hue would deem an honorable life of hard work. His parents worked hard, stayed together, and instilled an unshakable moral code in their son and his siblings. Cain went on to graduate from college with a BA degree in mathematics and an MA degree in computer science. He eventually worked up to the CEO position of a major corporation. He has been married to the same woman over four decades and has two children. Whether you disagree with his political views or not, allowing a racist rat like Al Sharpton to assail Cain’s character cannot go unchallenged, at least not by me. Here are only a few reminders of Sharpton’s moral fiber. It’s not that racist Al is a disgrace to his race, it’s that he’s a disgrace to any race, while the man he attacks is a credit to any race anywhere.

Sharpton's Legacy:
A 1983 episode of HBO's REAL SPORTS hosted by Bryant Gumbel featured an FBI tape of Sharpton discussing laundering drug money with a former mobster turned FBI informant, Michael Franzese.

Sharpton ordered by a court to pay his portion of a $345,000 judgment for slander during the 1987 Tawana Brawley hoax which led to violence in the streets over this race baiting degenerate’s championing of Brawley’s scam.

Sharpton inspired a 1991 deadly riot known as the Crown Heights Riot when he referred to Hasidic Jews as "Diamond merchants" and used other racist, anti-Semitic epithets. A 29 year old Hasidic student from Australia was then killed by a mob chanting, "Kill The Jew".

In 1995 Sharpton led a protest against a Jewish owned business, Freddy's Fashion Mart, from setting up a new location in an African American neighborhood. Sharpton incited such anti-Jewish hate a protestor inspired by Sharpton killed himself in a violent attack on the store culminating in an arson fire that took 8 lives. 


raine said...

Not a huge fan of Cain the politician, for various reasons, though I respect him as a man.

BUT--will definitely agree with most of what you've said about Sharpton. I find myself gritting my teeth every time he paints himself as a 'spokesman' for the black community in general. NOT. Although he often ceases on causes that DO need attention, it isn't for the sake of the cause. Opportunist is the word that comes to mind (among others I won't post here).

BernardL said...

Opportunist is the word that comes to mind (among others I won't post here). Agreed, Raine. Extortionist comes to mind.

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm certainly not a fan of Sharpton, and I'm sure Cain is an honorable fellow. Seems to be at least. I'm definitely not likely to support him for President, though. Can't possible imagine voting for him.

BernardL said...

I don't suppose you would, Charles. I'm not garnering votes for Cain. When I read what that slime-bag Sharpton had the nerve to say about him with the things Sharpton's responsible for, it made me sick. I had to point out the difference in an honorable man's life like Cain's and a race baiting extortionist like Sharpton who is responsible for the deaths of at least nine innocent people. Why he's not in prison for inciting race riots is a mystery.