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Friday, October 7, 2011

Confused Saudi Arabian Student

We have to get this report from the foreign press because apparently the American media has decided to launch a silent jihad. Every time ‘Middle Eastern’ sappers test our flight security, the news media hide the name, identity, and country of origin until it gets to be yesterday’s news. Such is what happened on this American Eagle flight from New York to Indianapolis Sapper. A twenty year old ‘confused’ Saudi Arabian poster boy for terrorist dry runs tried to open the plane’s exit door in flight. Some passengers escorted him back to his seat and kept him there. They used incredible restraint conceived in the fact they know if they kicked the living shit out of this clown trying to kill them all, the American media and the ACLU lawyers would have been waiting on the tarmac to haul them directly to prison without a trial.

Now here’s where the story journeys into Twilight Zone land. The plane gets down. Authorities take the ‘Dry Run Poster Boy’ into custody for interrogation. No charges are filed because he’s not on a watch list. He’s caught in numerous lies, and our smiling constables label him ‘confused’. For God’s sake, what in hell does it take to get a ticket to our Guantanamo Terrorist Resort, which by the way should never be closed. I have a solution for ending all these ‘Dry Runs’ by our Religion of Submission citizens and non-citizens. Do anything on a flight that requires passengers to detain you and get an immediate all expenses paid vacation to lovely Guantanamo Bay for six months. I guarantee these ‘Dry Runs’ and sapper attempts would end immediately.
We are all on our own when we fly, folks. You are free to racially profile and move about the cabin now. We know who is trying to kill us even if the government/media complex has decided a few hundred of us will be an acceptable loss, and whitewashing all attempts to the real thing are just acts of ‘confusion’. You all can do what you want, but when one of these ‘confused’ ‘dry-runners’ get up to play with the exit door, or lock themselves in the bathroom long enough to assemble a bomb, on my flight, I’m goin’ ta get me some.

Remember, you have to be alive to be labeled a racist and xenophobe, so make sure you get to the ground first. Don’t let the first thought you have as your in flight ‘Confused Arab Student’ yanks on the exit door be ‘I wonder if I’ll get into trouble if I rip this clown’s head off’. Rip it off and pull the ‘confused’ card on the ACLU lawyers when you get to ground alive – “Gee, I thought he was trying to kill us… my bad.” Believe me, except for a few of the ever present enablers, the rest of the passengers will be lining up to testify on your behalf.


Charles Gramlich said...

I hope by detaining him they got in a few punches.

BernardL said...

Yeah, me too, Charles, but I think the way they've turned around blame making the terrorist the victim, the passengers probably handled him with kid-gloves to stay out of jail themselves.

raine said...

Er...should we suppose he's on the watch list now?? :X

BernardL said...

They probably gave him a job at Homeland Security, Raine - so as not to offend or make it appear they're insensitive to his need to open plane exit doors in the middle of a flight. :)