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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Islamist News

Faleh Almaleki, the Iraqi ‘honor killing’ poster boy who ran over his own twenty-year-old daughter because she went to college and had a boyfriend, received a thirty-four year prison sentence. Justice would have been staking him out in the same parking lot where he ran his own child down and slowly backing over his head with the same Jeep he murdered her with. Murderer

In more news from the Religion of Submission, even their sacred Mosques no longer protect the worshippers of Islam from true believer monsters. Indonesia suffered its first suicide bomber incident Islamist Protest Method. An Islamist blew himself up inside a Mosque, maiming twenty-eight people at Friday prayers. Supposedly, this practice of exploding oneself in the midst of innocent men, women, and children of your own faith, is in revenge for Indonesia cracking down on other Terrorists. Yeah, that’ll teach ‘em. Since burning a Koran can inspire these Medieval geniuses to kill and mutilate each other worldwide in protest, I wonder what a despicable insanity like blowing yourself up in an Islamic ‘holy place’ for the purpose of murdering innocents will provoke the followers of Islam to do. Probably nothing, because in the warped world of Islamist thought this is standard operating procedure within their holy alternate reality. Sooner or later some evil math people in the Western World will figure out if burning a Koran sets off a hundred Insano Islamists to kill and mutilate each other in wild-eyed protest, then if they print and burn a thousand a day our worldwide Islamist problem would be over inside of a month.


whydibuy said...

And the libtard media still persists with the admonishing of those that decry muslim madness as "intolerant".

Yeah, there was just another front page story in the Detroit News about " concern about intolerance for muslims ". Those poor, misunderstood fanatics are really nice, loving and understanding types.

You're a bad bigot, Bernie, lol.

BernardL said...

It's the world turned upside down, whydibuy. You're right, if anyone objects to them murdering us, we're the ones who are intolerant. If common sense and logic don't make a comeback pretty soon, the stealth Jihad will win without a fight.