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Friday, October 1, 2010

The Germans Have Had Enough

First the Dutch and now the Germans have decided importing their own terrorist cells from Muslim countries might not be all that great an idea Muslim Imports. I know Great Britain’s citizens feel the same way but their ruling class is owned by some politically correct urge for self destruction… a lot like we are. If Europe stops their Islamization, maybe there’s a chance we won’t have to get used to honor killings, female genital mutilation, female subjugation, extermination of gays, Jewish genocide, and imported terrorist cells by the religion of submission.


Charles Gramlich said...

I do believe in tolerance, but a country cannot tolerate those who are completely intolerant of others.

whydibuy said...


As an atheist, I don't respect any indulging of some superstition, commonly known as a deity religion.

And as for tolerance, by the constitution, I am required to tolerate this ignorance, but only to a certain degree.

We don't tolerate, as Bernard says, honor killings, female mutilation and the such from islam.
As much as we don't tolerate christian ignorance like only praying for a sick child rather than seeking medical care. Or " not sparing the rod" on a child untill death.

I would agree with Bernard that Europe has started to tolerate islamic ways to a point of submission to it. Prayer meetings 5 times a day that they choose to do in the middle of streets that block traffic. Courts that cater to islamic ignorance and bigotry. I, for one, will actively fight against this creeping cancer in the U.S.

BernardL said...

There is no tolerance in Islam, Charles. For the countries appeasing Islam there will only be surrender of their own culture.

Whydibuy, you're right in that we all will have to resist this stealth Jihad.