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Thursday, September 30, 2010

How Dare You Deport Our Criminals Back To Us

This is the goofiest put down of the United States Immigration Enforcement Agency yet. It seems the mayors of Mexican border towns are up in arms over the United States deporting illegal alien criminal Mexicans back to Mexico Illegal Alien Criminals. Let’s overlook the utter stupidity of such nonsense for a moment and get our leaders to send them a straight forward reply – Stop Sending Them Here! I wonder if we'll ever have a President of any party in my lifetime who will take the part of United States Citizens to seal our border and stop the horde of illegal pillagers flowing over it. I guess it's not enough our Justice Department backs a foreign third world nation against one of our own states trying to enforce federal immigration law. Now, we're blamed when the Immigration Department finally sends a few looters and pillagers back home.

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