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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Beginning of the end for Multiculturalism?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared multiculturalism in Germany a complete and ‘utter failure’ Fail. You can describe the multi-culty plague across the planet in exactly the same way. Assimilation by legal immigrants with skills to uplift a country rather than swell its welfare rolls is how immigration makes a nation stronger. Allowing a massive influx of unskilled, illegal immigrants onto a nation’s welfare rolls with the resultant ‘Tower of Babel’ non-assimilation is national suicide. 

It used to be an established norm that legal immigrants applied to enter another nation because they wished to become citizens of that selected nation. Logically, if a legal immigrant thought their birth nation’s culture and opportunities were so wonderful they would have stayed there. It also follows that if a person from another country decides to uproot their lives to immigrate legally to another nation they should immediately shed any notion of poisoning their new adopted nation with what they had already chosen to leave behind.

When I was a kid I asked my Dad how come he didn’t speak Italian because I knew my Grandfather came through Ellis Island from Italy. He told me my Grandfather didn’t allow anyone to speak Italian in his house – that they were Americans now and to leave the old country behind. At that time a legal immigrant needed a skill and a sponsor that guaranteed the immigrant would not become a detriment to their new nation. I thought at the time it would have been neat to speak Italian and even today I think language skills are a great thing. My Grandpa realized there was something much more important than his kids having a second language – assimilation into the nation he had sacrificed everything to enter. Apparently, Chancellor Merkel agrees.


Charles Gramlich said...

Something has defnitely changed in the immigration patterns. Not exactly sure what it is and it may be more than one thing. But Assimilation is not happening much in many places these days.

BernardL said...

You're right, Charles. Assimilation seems to be a 'foreign' concept to our leaders as well as immigrants to our nation. I think Germany has had enough with immigrants demanding rights they haven't earned. Maybe we could follow their lead.

Jordan Summers said...

I think that article is interesting, especially since I know for a fact that in order to stay in Germany after a certain amount of time you have to take a language test--even if you are married to a German citizen. If you don't pass the test, they can and often do kick you out of the country.

I know this because my SIL just spent a year and change taking classes and tests so she could remain in the country with her husband and kids.

BernardL said...

I only know what I read from Chancellor Merkel, Jordan. Your SIL follows the law of the land. Apparently from Ms. Merkel's point of view many of Germany's other immigrants don't... just like in another nation I am very familiar with. I believe she wants to get the German people on board for stricter enforcement of already existing laws. I think they've been ready and waiting from what I've read about polls in Germany prior to her speech.