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Monday, September 27, 2010

Captain Dan Luckett

I believe there are five levels of heroes in the United States Armed Forces. Every man or woman who joins the armed forces and serves honorably to protect this nation attains the fifth level of heroism. They volunteer when many others either cannot or will not. Wounded in defense of our nation attains hero level four – incredible sacrifice and mental anguish accompany this grim level. Darker still, not in their eyes, but in the eyes of people who have never believed in anything enough to persevere and overcome is the third heroic level of sacrifice - the tragedy of being maimed in action. Between the first level of heroism in giving their lives in defense of this nation and the third level is one rarely attained by any human being. The second level of heroism and dogged determination has a new member – Dan Luckett. He attained the third level when losing one leg and part of his other foot in Iraq. This double amputee has returned to the battlefield in Afghanistan with the 101st Airborne. As writers we create remarkable heroes and heroines stretching the imagination. Then along comes a hero who stretches our reality and awe beyond any fiction we could ever write. God bless and keep you safe, Captain Luckett. You lead by example that can only be envied and strived for but rarely attained. You Sir, are the MAN. Your story of struggle is an inspiration. HERO


Charles Gramlich said...

I watched 60 minutes last night on some of the heroes fighting in Afghanistan right now. Inspiring and humbling.

BernardL said...

Humbling is definitely the word, Charles.