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Friday, February 26, 2010

UK Independence Party

The new UK Independence Party made some very dramatic promises in wake of daily fraud revelations concerning Global Warming acolytes and their never ending pursuit of taxpayer extortion money. They want a Royal Commission with High Court Judge to actually rule on whether there is ‘overwhelming evidence’ that Global Warming is manmade. If the commission rules it is not the UKIP plan to immediately ban Al Goracle’s movie and forbid anymore taxpayer money be spent on the Climate Change hoax. They also plan to do whatever necessary to champion new power plants while doing away with failed wind farms. The UKIP seems adamant about keeping the UK citizens out of the dark ages. Britain’s High Court was the first to condemn Al Goracle for his movie Inconvenient Fraud… I mean Truth, citing 9 scientific errors as a reason to keep it out of UK schools back in 2007 before all the Global Warming hoaxes hit the fan with ClimateGate, GlacierGate, AmazonGate and SealevelGate. Because they were the only ones with courage enough to begin outing these charlatans I think the UKIP is on to something. They may actually be able to keep their country from turning into a third world nation of cave dwellers and possibly prosecute some of the Climate Mafia.


Charles Gramlich said...

I can see the taxpayer money issue. Not sure I an approve of "banning" the movie. There's lots of stuff that may be untrue that we don't ban.

BernardL said...

That's true, Charles. I'd settle for a fiction label. :) I believe the UK taxpayers are so fed up with paying for this scam they're ready for the torches and pitchforks approach.