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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Global Warming Religion's New Heretic

Phil Jones, disgraced curator of the East Anglia Climate Research hoax facility in Britain, admitted two incredibly devastating facts to the BBC regarding the Global Warming religion. These two facts formed the foundation upon which the AGW religion issued its commandments perpetuating global taxpayer fraud and the Carbon Credit Trading Mafia Market. ‘Professor’ Jones conceded the Medieval Age may have been warmer on a global scale than now which would mean global warming is not a man-made phenomenon. The ‘Professor’ also stated in the interview the earth has not experienced statistically significant warming in the last fifteen years and we’ve had two recent periods of similar warming - 1910 to 1940 and 1975 to 1998. The period of 1940 to 1975 cooled the earth as is happening now which at the time produced scientific hucksters claiming a new ice age on the way.

It will take tenacity to reverse this criminally false religion of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) and its extortion racket offspring – The Carbon Credit Trading Mafia Market. The fight is worth it because victory will mean lower taxation globally and the suspension of a criminal enterprise of imaginary carbon credit trading ruining economies and businesses worldwide. Utah and Arizona have already voted out of the Climate Change boondoggle. Cap & Trade, our version of the EU’s extortion racket on business is heading for oblivion. This year may spell the end of the greatest hoax in the history of mankind. I pray it won’t be too late to save our economy.


Bernita said...

"the Medieval Age may have been warmer on a global scale"
Thought that was a given.

Why do they think the Vikings called their landfall "Vineland?"

BernardL said...

The AGW acolytes left the Medieval period off their 'Hockey Stick' graph because they said it wasn't global, Bernita. They claimed it was a regional phenomena of the Northern Hemisphere. If they concede the period was a global event, they must also concede man has nothing to do with global warming and AGW is strictly a natural cycle. 'Professor' Phil admitted to the BBC the point was not 'settled'.