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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Action Comics #1

As some of you know, I run a little comic and used book store hobby shop in my off times that is attached with its own store front to my auto repair garage. I thought this bit of news highly entertaining for comic book enthusiasts. The first copy of Action Comics #1 sold from private seller to private buyer for one million dollars. One of these high end books in un-restored very fine condition is very rare and only comes on the market every couple decades. A total of only a hundred copies of this first appearance of Superman exist. It cost ten cents when new. :)


John said...

I wish I still had all of the comics that my father threw away because they were taking up space. I'd be a wealth man..

Charles Gramlich said...

I saw a copy of this once. The price is a bit ridiculous though.

raine said...

I saw this and squealed, lol!
Nothing like this, but my brothers & I had some great old comics for the longest time.
I think I have 2 or 3 saved up somewhere, but nothing valuable I'm sure.
Good on whoever's doing well with this stuff. It is a treasure in its way.

Bernita said...

Eh, Raine, my brother and I did too!
They became too dog-eared to have value, alas, and are long gone.

BernardL said...

Yep, it's hard to imagine what will be gold in time, John. Comics seem to be one of those items that hold value because kids grow up and want a reminder from times past.

I saw one in good condition at a San Francisco comic con twenty years ago, Charles. It's all about condition and a Very Fine Action #1 is really rare. Only folks with whom a million bucks is like a thousand to us buy the really rare stuff.

It was a kick seeing this article, Raine. My brother and I spent many nights with a flashlight and a cover pulled over our heads after lights out, reading comics. :)

They were dog eared because you read them - which is the value, Bernita. I hate the new trend of sealing them up in a Mylar tomb so they can't be touched. I advise the kids that buy at my hobby shop to only invest in a series they want to read.