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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Good News?

Have you noticed good news no longer exists? I watched the weather report last night on the local news. They dressed some dork in a raincoat and stuck the poor sap out somewhere in Oakland in the middle of a downpour - the media’s idea of keeping it real. Side-note to media – folks going to real jobs in the rain equals keeping it real – media planting a suit out in the rain with a microphone… not so much. My advice – get some storm footage and use it for backdrop so the suit can stay in the studio.

We’ve had a dry spell out here, so when it rains, you’d think our local weather news would be jubilant, right? Wrong! They have their raincoat covered smuck standing in the storm telling us “Many people are thrilled with the rain” – pause – frown of intensity – “But the heavy rains bring their own problems” – sigh – slight shake of his head while he looks up at the rain. Then here it comes - Film footage of some broken windshields, plugged rain gutters, and someone’s cat they threw out in the storm for effect, cringing under a car. For God’s sake, can’t you idiots be happy about anything for five minutes?! They could have had a clip of Gene Kelly dancing and ‘Singing in the Rain’ with the weatherman spliced in doing the Snoopy Dance.The rain brings its own problems – huh??? I can almost see the editors around the area throwing things at the TV, strings of snarky questions flooding their sarcastic minds. What problems did the rains bring with them exactly, Sparky? How come we have to hit cement and those raindrops over there get to hit in the grass? Where do we go once we land?! Anybody bring a map? Hey, it’s dark down here in the sewer… oh my God… what is that smell?!

I realize it’s hard to fill an hour without turning everything into a disaster so I’ll give you the weather news from the San Francisco Bay Area – thank the Lord, it’s raining with no hint of stopping. :)


Charles Gramlich said...

you're right. Another reason I seldom watch the news anymore.

Virginia Lady said...

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! The media today can't seem to comprehend real news anymore. I watch the BBC news for a refreshing change. Every time I watch local channels I get too angry for words. Between the "sky is falling" rhetoric and the mistakes they make, it's too infuriating to watch.

Beth Partin said...

Bernard, you are so right about the news. I used to watch the national news every night, and often the local news too. I quit when the ads for drugs started taking up more time than the news that interests me. Now I get my news from magazines like Ms. and Yes, blogs, newspapers' websites (especially the Christian Science Monitor), Google alerts, and Women's e-News.

As Virginia Lady says, the BBC is good for a change.

BernardL said...

I doubt we're missing much, Charles. :)

Exactly, VL, and it continues falling no matter how good things are in reality. My daughter and grandson are visiting from Sacramento today, and couldn't decide on taking the train or driving. I was hoping to use the rain forecast to convince my daughter to take the train. She never listens. :)

I get my news from the Internet, Beth. I only tune in on local stuff for the weather once in a while. I don't think I've listened to a newscast in over two decades. :) From now on, I'm getting the weather from the Internet too.

raine said...

Don't feel bad, Bernard, it's the same all over.
Newsflash: "It's fallen below zero out there, and everything has turned to ice!"
Newsflash: "Those few warm days we had have melted the ice on the river, which is in danger of flooding the surrounding area..."
Ya can't win. ;)

BernardL said...

So true, Raine - at least I had the opportunity to air a few of the problems raindrops encounter. :)

Middle Ditch said...

Same here! There was a time they closed the news with a lighter note but that's now gone forever. Doom and gloom.

I can't wait for the silly season. Ha!

BernardL said...

Yep, gone forever, MD. While I understand if a newscast delivered the rosy side of events they would be gone in a week, human nature being what it is - I believe they could survive with a happy weather broadcast occasionally. :)