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Friday, January 18, 2008

Texting Tina

I drove up this morning, and a woman in a short-sleeved top and pants was standing near my shop’s big rollup door. She clutched one of those mini-pad phones, working her thumbs on the keypad, all hunched up bodily, with complete concentration. I shivered just looking at her, because the temperature hovered in the forty-five degree range. Exiting my old Buick, banging the car door shut, opening the small entrance door, nothing made this lady look up from her texting. Five minutes later, I opened the roll-up entrance door she stood texting in front of (not a silent enterprise). It did not phase texting Tina whatsoever. I went over in front of her; and stood there, trying to get her attention without speaking. I was afraid she’d come out her texting coma swinging. My eight o’clock appointment would be driving up any minute. She finally gave out with a disgusted gasp, and looked up.


“You’re standing in front of my main entrance, ma’am,” I informed her pleasantly. “If you could move a few steps down the sidewalk, I’d appreciate it.”

“Fine!” Texting Tina blurted out, and marched exactly a foot past the entrance opening, and went right back to work.

I watched her for a few more moments, wondering if I should get an old jacket out of the back and drape it over her. My customer arrived though, and I left the dedicated texting waif to her duty. Okay, someone has to say this, so here goes. I understand you may want to text someone when in a location where your voice would bother others; but when on a public sidewalk, why not walk, talk, and flail your arms around like all the other cell-phone junkies? :)


Bernita said...

One has to admire her concentration though...

BernardL said...

Good point, Bernita, and after all, she may have been texting her members of Congress. :)