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Friday, January 4, 2008


Mother Nature turned me into Parka-man today. Thanks to a wind gusting rainstorm, and my neighbors who throw trash on my roof, the shop rain drain plugged, causing leakage into the right side of my shop. Donning my yellow rain-suit, I climbed up my sixteen foot ladder to the first roof tier, and then pulled myself up onto the second tier. As suspected, a plastic water bottle jutted neatly out of the right side drain while four inches of water all along the roof collected. I waded in, and pulled the plug, crouching to avoid the gale force wind. The climb down was uneventful, in that I did it without taking a header. For kicks, I went over and looked at myself dripping water in the medicine cabinet mirror, after pulling the hood over my forehead so it looked like a black hole where my face was. Having forgotten the air-ratchet to complete the ensemble, I quickly went to my tool box and returned to the mirror, fully equipped. Shaking the air-ratchet like Parka-man, I indeed looked scary. Yay, me. I think I'll go visit my rooftop trashing, drain plugging neighbors, and see what they think. :)

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