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Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Offended

We had a flame war on another forum with my automotive peers, because some points were discussed rather bluntly (To me, it was more like luke-warm discussion). Of course this gave the easily offended a chance to warble about civility, personal attacks, etc. I wrote a poem for the offended. :)

They come, journeying from far and wide,
Desperately battling to stem the tide,
Of vast ether net of unending text,
Calling out loudly for them to be vexed.
Never mind they can use their keyboard mouse,
To bypass this heinous idea house,
Where eternal thought bytes flow with sharp fangs,
Waiting to rip and rend with unfelt pangs,
Of guilt at the passion they inject in,
Poor, unfortunate victims of the din,
Who shakily left click their way inside,
Where weighty words of evil mind abide.
Enlightenment blinds, as they howl in pain,
Shielding their eyes against lettered bane.
'I am offended', they cry in hushed voice,
'How can I resist this bright tempting choice?
It makes me seethe inside my very soul,
Therefore banning it will be my life's goal.
Out with sarcastic pointed font of wit!
Away with logic, making me a twit!
I will hound the purveyors of sharp prose,
Until all I see only makes me doze.
No longer will this site open my eyes,
Soon it will be filled up with fluff or lies.
When joyous, I log on, in future days,
No one will be left here to clear my haze.'
Off went the offended, bored with the site,
Searching, cause there's no end to doing right.



Bernita said...

You have hissie fits on automotive boards too?

Virginia Lady said...

Ah, so amusing. There is such a thing as too much political-correctness and I've seen moderators who didn't understand a simple discussion of differing points of view and thought it was a huge deal. I like your point that they are trying to make things all the same and therefore boring. They are also probably people who avoid conflict at any cost.

BernardL said...

Yep, Bernita, we're just like any forum on the internet, where a number of subjects are debated. When some of the posters run out of legitimate points, the personal attacks start. It escalates from there. I figure when they start calling me names, I've won. :)

BernardL said...

As long as everyone agrees with the Offended, everything is fine, VL. The fun starts when someone disagrees. The Offended usually bolster points with anecdotal evidence, and when they're called on it, they get upset. It's hard to debate a point with someone using their own family and friends to bolster a point. :)

December/Stacia said...

Nobody knows how to have a decent disagreement anymore. I agree with Virginia Lady there--the slightest sign of differing opinions, even totally civil ones, and people start freaking out.

Bernita said...

Bernard, you have been awarded a Roar for Powerful Words, accompanied by a wigit thingie.
Details on my blog.

BernardL said...

"Nobody knows how to have a decent disagreement anymore."

Exactly, D, most discussions end up in name calling. Expressing an opinion, stating whatever real facts you have, and then ending with a simple conclusion, never seems to be enough anymore. :)

Thanks, Bernita, your nomination is very special.

Sapphire-X said...

Too much energy is wasted on being disrespectful, instead of attacking the points that differ from us, we choose instead to make it personal and lose the perspective of a healthy round of sharing views or (dis)satisfaction.

BernardL said...

Yes, Sapphire, if we were as cold looking at the facts, as we are in looking at the one who presented them, we would all be much warmer with each other.